Can’t find a debtor – why and how to use a Skip Tracing professional?

Can’t find a debtor – why and how to use a Skip Tracing professional?

Losing contact with an overdue debtor is a common problem in business. People often change address without notice. Sometimes it is done with the intent to avoid being pursued to pay debts – in other cases is the simple oversight such as forgetting to advise everyone of change of address.

‘Skip Tracing’ is a profession that locates people who have changed address when another party, often a creditor, wishes to make contact with them for debt collection.

Why use a Skip Tracing professional?

You can try to trace a person who has skipped, but it often wastes a lot of time and leads to a dead end. If a debtor is intentionally trying to hide to avoid debt collection, then a Skip Tracing professional has a much greater chance of finding them than an amateur has.

In almost all cases, Skip Trace professionals have proven know-how and effective techniques that save a lot of time and effort and achieve much higher success rates of tracing skipped debtors therefore improved debt collection.

How can you help to find missing debtors?

The most effective action you can take to increase the chances of finding the person is to give the Skip Trace professional extra information. Often a company will share the missing debtor’s name and previous address information with the Skip Trace professional, but the company will know much more information they haven’t shared. And the extra information can dramatically increase the speed and success of the trace. Typical information that businesses often know, and that helps find the debtor includes:

  • Current or previous phone numbers
  • Previous addresses
  • Family or next of kin contact details
  • Occupation, and current or previous employer details
  • Date of birth or approximate age 

How do you find a Skip Trace professional?

Most major Debt Collection Agencies have a professional Skip Tracing service, and a few agencies have a reputation for being able to find the hardest to locate debtors. A leader in the Skip Tracing field in Australia is Sydney-based Outstanding Collections (Aust) Pty Ltd.  You can contact Outstanding Collections on 02 9545 3115.