Why use our Australian debt recovery service

Outsource your debt collection to us and you will benefit from our extensive experience and expertise. We offer a unique service and have one of the highest debt recovery rates in the industry.

Here are 7 reasons why you should put your trust in us.

1. Specialists in debt collection

We specialise in debt recovery / collection in Australia. We were originally formed to help local governments in NSW, but have since expanded to help businesses and medical practices as well.

Our systems, procedures and staff training are designed to address the needs of our clients. This sharp focus allows us to provide debt recovery benefits others would find hard to match.

2. Over 40 years of experience in debt recovery in Australia

In any business, experience counts and this is where we stand apart. The principals of the company have a wealth of experience and have owned and run highly successful debt recovery businesses. Our staff members also have extensive experience and are trained to meet the needs of regional councils, medical practices and commercial enterprises.

3. Industry-leading debt recovery systems

Our computer systems and handling procedures are set up to efficiently manage payments on behalf of our clients, thus freeing internal staff to concentrate on core business matters.

4. Discount on solicitor fees (council clients only)

For our council clients (only), we offer a discount of 40% on solicitor fees. This will help councils with cash flow and alleviate the cost-pressure on debtors in rural areas.

5. A professional approach

With years of experience in debt collection, we aim to produce an outcome beneficial to both parties and one that will maintain agreeable relationships and avoid adverse publicity. We approach every case with care, and only take court action when absolutely necessary.

6. Fast payments

Our systems and approach ensure fast payment of overdue accounts. Our proven methods include:

  • Using a garnishee rather than a writ of execution
  • Serving documents personally
  • Using Rent for Rates Notices (for our council clients)

7. Track record and trust

Our history in debt recovery in Australia spans over 40 years with a track record second to none.

Currently, 40 regional councils and a wide range of businesses place their trust in us to get the job done. Their testimonials underscore the key benefits of using our service.