Debt Collection for Businesses

We recover outstanding payments for commercial enterprises, allowing companies to concentrate on their business and free their staff to focus on core activities.

At Outstanding Collection we can help you get the money you are owed quickly, cost-effectively and with a minimum of fuss.

Our experience and expertise will ensure you receive payment as quick as possible, improving your cash flow and saving time.

Benefits of outsourcing debt recovery to us

The benefits of outsourcing your debt collection to a specialist debt recovery agency include:

  • Receive payments sooner – in the hands of our experienced operators, you can be sure of receiving payments faster than if you did it yourself. Our operation is designed to bring about quick resolutions; for example, we contact debtors personally in order to negotiate payment.
  • Save time – often a telephone call or letter of demand on our letterhead will achieve payment, saving time and hassles.
  • Improve cash flow – the earlier you are paid, the better it would be for your cash flow, which after all is the lifeblood of your business and the key to meeting ongoing operational expenses.
  • Free your staff – outsourcing debt recovery allows your staff to concentrate on core business functions. Chasing people for payment can be distracting and stressful especially if staff members are inexperienced in this function.
  • Lower operating overheads – outsourcing means you can cut back on staffing costs, management overheads and internal systems.
  • Access expertise and experience – outsourcing means you can immediately tap into a wealth of experience and expertise built up over many years, which in our case amounts to over 40 years. You’ll also benefit from our purpose-built computer systems and proven methodology.
  • Maintain good customer relations – In the hands of our experienced debt collectors, you can achieve payment without straining relationships with your customers. We understand the importance of protecting your brand and reputation. We approach every case with care and empathy, making sure we avoid a negative reaction.
  • Access to information – using online search facilities and other means, we can easily find information about a person and company that can quickly resolve an outstanding debt – without jeopardising your ongoing relationship.
  • Access to legal help – in every instance, we seek to resolve matters without having to take costly court action. But if legal proceedings are taken you can rely on our experienced solicitors to represent you.

Our empathetic approach

We adopt an empathetic, non-confrontational approach, treating debtors with respect and courtesy. This allows meaningful discussion and can result in the account being successfully collected without harming your brand and also maintaining your relationship with the debtor (if desired).

Experience is the key. In our company, we have people who have been involved in debt collection for over 40 years. This experience is a major advantage when dealing with late payers. On the phone and in our demand letters, we know what to say to resolve disputes and achieve payment.

Through experience we have developed systems and processes that ensure you get what you are owed quickly and efficiently – usually without having to go to court.

We see legal proceedings as the last resort.

Our track record

Outstanding Collections has a very high success rate in locating debtors and collecting overdue accounts.

Our staff members are fully trained in all aspects of debt recovery, and are experts in collecting accounts while treating every situation individually and without prejudice.

We use methods of collection that differ from other agencies and solicitors. Because of this, we can collect accounts faster and more economically.