s.713 Sale of Land

s.713 Sales of Land are complex projects with a heavy workload, requiring compliance with various acts and regulations, preparation of certificates, various legal searches and the mitigation of various risks. This level of work takes approximately six months from preparation of the report to Council to settlement of the land.

Due to the complexity and workload burden, Council’s tend only to sell land every 3-5 years. Outstanding Collections has developed an outsourcing service which specialises in delivering and managing Section s.713 Sales of Land for NSW Councils, relieving Councils of the workload burden.

Following this process now means Councils can perform a Sales of Land every year and keep their Outstanding Rates percentage consistently lower.

Outstanding Collections specialise in running Sales of Land for NSW Councils, with all the tools and expertise to make the process fast accurate and efficient and to save Council weeks of work. Our staff manage whole the process inhouse from the triage of which properties to include, to drafting a Council Resolution, through to conveyancing and settlement. All steps are planned and controlled internally, with minimal 3rd-party hand-offs and costs. Legislation and risks regularly change for s.713 Sales of Land, but Councils conduct s.713 Sales of Land infrequently, so it is challenging for Councils to keep current knowledge of regulations and risks. Council can mitigate risks by outsourcing to a 3rd party expert like us.

Outstanding Collections are the NSW experts at s.713 Sales of Land and have 2 or 3 sales in progress most of the time. We have current projects, or recently completed sales for:

  • Goulburn Mulwaree Council
  • Forbes Shire Council
  • Carrathool Shire Council
  • Narromine Shire Council
  • Cabonne Shire Council
  • Glen Innes Severn Council
  • Shellharbour Council
  • Central Darling Shire Council
  • Bellingen Shire Council
  • Junee Shire Council
  • Tenterfield Shire Council

We have more Council resolutions in the pipeline for this year. Please click the attached Sale of Land overview below for more information.

Company Overview Sale of Land